"How To Easily Build A List Of 1,000+ Internet Marketers in 3 Months or Less...

Even If You're Short on Time or Lazy...

You don't realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes you're going to feel enlightened and angered by what's been kept from you...

Have you ever heard the term 'the money is in the list'? I know that if you've been in internet marketing for longer than a few months you have heard it more than once everyone tells you the money is in the list! but they don't tell you how exactly to build a list. Or Worse! they tell you it's hard to build a list especially in internet marketing WRONG!

The truth is building a list of internet marketers who are willing to buy from you over and over again is actually much easier than what you were told.

Listen, I've found that an internet marketing list is actually the easiest list to build! There is a 'loophole' that allows anyone regardless of skill, time or money to 'build a list' and it works every time!

Think I'm kidding?

I've seen it happen for me and several others with my own eyes...

Imagine: being able to finally break out of the 'no cash newbie zone' to be able to effortlessly rake in cash all by sending out a few simple emails and spending about 10 minutes tops per week adding a fresh 20+ subscribers to your list daily.

Don't Get Me Wrong... I wasn't always this successful

Here's a quick story for you. Before I discovered this list building system, I put in hours and hours of time and money. I spent literally all my time risking the relationships with my friends and family just so I wouldn't have to work a 'normal job'. I knew list building was important in order to build a real lasting business, but gave up on it in 2007 - Stupid!

Yes, I Deleted My List Out Of Frustration!

As I look back now I realized that was one of the stupidest thing I ever did, so why did I send my list to the trash? Because it was costing me too much time and effort for a few measily subscribers - it wasn't worth my time!

Even though I was $20,000+ in debt, I couldn't manage to wait for my list to slowly build, so I went on searching for the infamous magic bullet!

After Many Failed Attempts... It Was Discovered!

My motivation and determination to find out how to build a real business finally lead me to what would break me out of the 'no cash newbie zone' and explode my business once and for all... The first time I used this list building system the results left me speechless...

181 subscribers and $68 in my first 2 days

I had no list, I created the product and the opt in page in only a few hours... I admit part of that was luck, but I was instantly hooked!

So Why Share Something So Powerful With You?

Because I believe giving you a truly incredible chance at success will allow me to fulfill my goals as an internet marketer... My goal was to figure out a no fail system that anyone could follow to build a real business online - no matter who you are!

Sick Of Over Priced Over Hyped Products?

I know you're sick of all those products that promise so much, but deliver so little... They tell you what to do, but simply don't show you how exactly to do it - leaving you guessing and frustrated!

Here’s why this is different:

Here's What You Get...

The Complete Giveaway List Building Webinar
A $97 value (Video and MP3)

In this recorded webinar I explain exactly how this list building process works and then I give you a live example so that you can copy exactly what I do and see how fast it really is. I just copy and paste a few things then set back and watch the subscribers role in! - This alone is worth more than the whole course!

Video: How To Create a Simple Yet Highly Effective Opt in Page
A $27 value

I show you the exact high converting simple opt in page I used to get over 2,000 list subscribers in 3 months! You can copy my exact page and get a high opt in rate on your opt in page, just make a few minor and obvious changes such as the name of your product

I explain exactly why it is effective and analyze every detail of what you should include in your own opt in page!

You will be able to get a higher opt in rate then most of the other internet marketers giving you a huge advantage because you can maximize your subscribers for the amount of traffic you are getting - most marketers get this all wrong!

Video: How To Create a Simple Yet Highly Effective Confirmation Page
A $27 value

You know what... a good opt in page won't mean jack if you don't get them to open their email click on the link and become double opt in subscribers to your list.

The immediate one time offer is all wrong! yet so many people loose so many subscribers because of it! Yet I can build my list bigger than 99% of my fellow marketers provided we get the same amount of traffic!

Also you'll learn the instant know, like, and trust secret!

Get This: You should still sell one or even two products on your confirmation page but you must use my sneaky tactic here's what it does...

It actually increases the chance of your subscriber buying your one time offer because they think they are getting a good deal and you're not hard selling them this means you don't piss them off and lose subscribers!

Video: How To Create a Simple Yet Highly Effective Download Page
A $27 value

Here's the deal: they are now subscribers to your list... you want to keep them on your list sooo...

Your going to need a good download page, the best download page does 4 things...

Once you implement this download page you suddenly have active, interested buyers on your list - Stunning!

Video: How To Create a High Demand and High Value Product Quickly
A $27 value

I recently created a product, an opt in, confirmation and download page in 1 hour and guess what? I got over 200 subscribers the first day it went live!

Here's something that may shock you I'm going to show you how brain dead simple it is to quickly and easily create your own high quality, high demand products that people will love!

You don't need to create your own product right away I'll show you how to easily find an instant product to build your list with, but...

When you create your own product here's what you will get: a huge bump in opt in subscribers that are more active and more willing to buy related products from you - secret tip - you can create a version to sell at the same time!

Now you can immediately make your money back and get paid to get subscribers on your list How Cool Is That?

Best of all you can do it all using completely free tools!

Resource Report $17 value

In this special report I show you where exactly you can go to get every resourse and tutorial you need...

If you are techniqually challenged and don't know the diffence between html, ftp, blah blah... then you can simply follow the steps in this report and set everything up without the headaches and road blocks that are robbing you from making money online!

Plus I give you more than one option, so you can choose what works best based on your budget... don't have money use the free tools and resources... then after a few weeks of building your list you can upgrade to bigger and better things!

Including website set up and creation, product creation and a few more cool things

Checklist $7 value

I know you want to get started making money right away so I decided to make it extra easy on you...

All you got to do is go through this checklist youll immediately know what to do next and can quickly start getting real results... building a real business... making real money... You want that right?

Webinar Mindmap (Outline) $7 value

You get the exact outline used in the webinar so you can easily reference a particular part of the system and know what to do without having to skim through the video to find a specific interesting tactic...

Plus you can easily follow along and add your own notes to it as the webinar is playing in an organized easy to read fashion.

To put it simple it's your list buiding success blueprint.

Now I know I've already given you tremendous value and you can build a 6 figure income using the products above alone but...

I wanted to virtually guarantee your success and make sure you have a nice list going in the next few weeks so I decided to give you some bonuses to make this a complete no brainer...

Fast Action Bonuses

14 Quick Start Video Tutorials $47 value

This is a life saver for new internet marketers because it will save tons of time and hassle by simply following step by step video tutorials you can set up your whole list building system with no initial tech knowledge, That's on top of the other training videos so you have multiple tutorial videos so you can make sure you know exactly what to do - it can't get any easier!

8 Cool Internet Marketing Scripts $17 value

Including A Countdown script to add urgency to your special offers, the self destruction opt in form this will cause people who open the opt in page and sign up later to sign up right away instead, the email router script, the url shrinking script great for affiliate links, the easy split tester to optimize your opt in page for higher conversions, the easy cloaker script, the auto RSS for adding content to your sites, the auto product launcher for a continued countdown for product launches.

Writing Emails For Success Report $17 value

A 22 page PDF about writing good emails including headline and content ideas. No list building system is complete without email marketing!

Writing internet marketing emails can be quick and easy, find someone that you enjoy a lot of their emails then simply use something similar with your own list or swipe emails strait from the product creators (as an affiliate for that product).

Subscribers Only Limited Bonus

Exit Prophet Pro $17 value

click here to see the sales page

To see the software in action - watch when you try to leave that sales page.

For a Total Real Value of $297 + Exit Profit Pro software for a limited time!

Why Are You Charging Only A Small Percentage Of The Total Value?
Are You Insane?

Initially I created this product to charge you $197 a great deal considering the real results you will get...

Today you’re going to get the Insane Prelaunch Special Price of only $17 a total savings of $280!

Considering this system isn't perfect, it won't work in every niche, it's specifically for internet marketing, but will work in other big niches...

This may seem like a drawback, but these big niches are the ones that bring in the most money online, so that means there is the biggest potential to make a full time income in these big niches...

Because you have so much opportunity to grow your business in internet marketing and other big niches... it is actually easier once you have planted the seed or foundation for your business... this is exactly what I'm going to show you how to do.

Click Here To Get It

Here's an example of what 'poor results' from using this list building system would produce...

Let's say you are lazy and it takes you 4 months to get 1,000 subscribers, now let's say you only make $0.25 a month per subscriber... with some subscribers paying you instantly after they join your list which will cover the cost of getting the subscribers assuming you follow this system and produce 'mediocre' results.

At $0.25 per subscriber per month you would make $250 per month once you have 1,000 subscribers... With the potential to build your list much faster as time goes on. If for some reason you stopped following this system and didn't add any more subscribers you would be making $3,000 per year from this tiny list of 1,000.

After you have your system set up: autoresponder, opt in, confirmation, download pages and gift. It would only take you less than 1 hour per month to add 250+ subscribers each month assuming you are getting a terrible opt in rate... and you are super lazy!

After 4 months and about 4 hours of actual total work you are making $3,000 per year from that list. That works out to $750 an hour!

That's a very conservative estimate considering you could improve every aspect of your list building process to quadruple your results!

Realistically, you will be able to build a list of 1,000 in 3 months without breaking a sweat. You could even do it in 1 month if you are ambitious!

You're Full of BS... Prove it!

244 Subscribers in 1 Week!

$56 From Giveaway Sales Alone!

My Best Day... 272 Subscribers in 1 Day!

Why Only $17?

Since this product produces consistent results I know the best way to sell this product is to get unbiased reviews from smart marketers such as yourself. So in an effort to do just that, I'm going to extend to you a special "prelaunch" price of $17.

When I get enough testimonials, then I’m going to take this product off the market, and get ready to launch it to the public. And when I do, the price is going to go up, since I'll have testimonials to show so people will have no doubt that my product does everything I say it does here.

So as soon as I get these testimonials, the product will go off the market for up to a few months, and then come back at a higher price... without some of the killer techniques that I don't want everyone to know about, because they provide a huge advantage and may become less effective if too many people use them. If you don’t want to have to wait for months and end up paying more without getting the killer techniques then order today!

Here's why you have absolutely nothing to risk if you order today

You will have a full 60 days to try this system, if you're not completely sure you can make your $17 back, I'll send you a full refund, no questions asked + I'll let you keep everything. I’m so confident in your results...

I'll pay you an additional $27 if you can prove that you tried this system as outlined and haven't gotten at least 100 subscribers on your list after 1 month of active implementation!

Here's What I Want You To Do Now

Click the add to cart button below watch the videos and go through the material, set up your list building system and start adding subscribers to your list. Remember your saving $280 by acting now, this is only for a short time then the price goes up. Once I get the testimonials I need, I'm taking this page down and you will have to settle for a higher price with less of my powerful techniques.

I'm 100% confident in your results, I can't make it any easier on you!


PS This is exactly how I created an online business that now makes me $1,000s per month, you can simply copy my results or you can continue to struggle on your own its your choice do it that hard way or the easy way?



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